Welcome to Conflation 

What is Conflation?

Conflation is a kid-free Relax-A-Con for those 21 and older.

It is a great chance to get away from the kids, let your hair down and not have to worry about what you say being overheard.

What is a Relax-A-Con? A convention with more laid back programming. Heck, programming don't even start till Noon! After partying all night who wants to get up early? 

Come and relax with us. After all, it is your time off.

When is Conflation?

February 26, 27, 28, 2016

What is the theme for 2016?

It's a Mystery

Where is it going to be held?

Comfort Inn Westport
12031 Lackland Rd
St. Louis, MO  63146


Hotel Reservations for the Con will end on February 1, 2016.  

Room Rates 79.00

Reservations made anytime after our cut off date will be charged full hotel rate and will not be blocked in our group (meaning we don't get credit for the nights).  Contact Angie at Comfort Inn and give her your name, dates, address, phone, email, Room Type and CC# to hold your room and your rate.

Google Map of Location

Who is going to be there?

Famous Guest Being -  Well we could tell ya, but what fun would that be.  The theme is It's a Mystery.  Those that have been around fandom for some time will enjoy that he has agreed to join us.  His talented hands are known to whip out ........ some masterpieces.  He will be on the party floor and will have his things for sale.  Come and meet him at Conflation!

Infamous Guest Being: From a land far away on the other coast of our Famous Guest Being we will once again enjoy her wit and charm.

Famous Guest Being -  We want to keep him a mystery, but he is rather good with art.

And lots of other great and wonderful people including:

What is it going to cost?

$40.00 for Membership

We are moving to a Conflation Membership with perks and benefits throughout the year.   Stay Tuned.



Friday Opening Ceremonies (Sometime Friday Night)

Panels and Parties

Saturday Night Masquerade Dance

Panels and Parties

Bead Store

Sunday Closing Ceremonies


Wanna throw one? Then be in the Conflation Room Block, and let us know you are planning on doing so.



Dealers sell out of their rooms on the Con floor.  Our Dealer Coordinator Boomer will make sure placement of your room is optimal for best visiting of all of the Conflationites.  If you want to be one, contact Boomer.  Everyone else should visit our dealers and check out their raffle baskets!

Party Carnivores From the Depths

Pictures from Previous Years

No-Sin.com - 2005
No-Sin.com - 2006
MidAmeriCon Conflation 12
Donated Pictures from 2005

Flickr Conflation Pool - You have to sign-in


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